Why Used Cars Are Better Than New

If you’re considering purchasing a car, but you’re not sure whether you want a new car or a used car, this article may help. While most people understand the obvious difference in cost, there are a few important differences below the surface that make used cars much better than new. Here are three great reasons you should consider a pre-owned vehicle.

  1. Depreciation 
    • A new car depreciates in value greatly as it gets older. The car salesperson will often say that “most of your cars will be worth about half as much as they were when you first bought them”. This is very true. By the time a car is 10-15 years old, it’s ‘value’ to a dealership is the scrap metal value. However, as long as the car runs, it is a useful tool capable of most everything a new car can do. This ‘utility’ value is really just the long term use of a vehicle, without the car payments. The only cost is the cost of the parts to fix it and car insurance. 
  2. Reconditioning Requirements 
    • Many states have strict mileage documentation requirements. Many dealers will have you sign a “Certification of Mileage” (CoM) form. This is a document that proves the mileage on the vehicle to the bank. Many states have CoM requirements whereby if the mileage on the vehicle is not accompanied by a statement that the vehicle has been properly inspected, then the car cannot be considered to be in compliance with the CoM regulation. This fact makes “re-conditioned” used cars highly desirable in states with strict mileage permitting them to be sold.
  3. Vehicle Repair History
    • The structure and history of a used vehicle is important. Car manufacturers like Volkswagen have been sued in the past for faulty emissions requirements. New cars don’t always mean perfect cars. Used cars on the other hand, have been driven enough where the issues are known and can be fixed. A Carfax report will tell you of any past vehicle damage. Yes, you will have to deal with broken parts, but it’s way cheaper than new car payments.

Overall, it is a good idea to consider a pre-owned vehicle that holds their value for the long term. Ask the seller or dealer about the warranty and any aftermarket add ons. This is almost always a better decision than buying autos from private parties or dealerships because they are held to higher standards of quality control. Any issues you may find within these used vehicles can be fixed by taking them to Cottman Auto Care & Transmissions for a free engine or transmission inspection.